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After having a great week 1 so far in  both my head 2 head & 50-50 matchups I feel pretty confident going into Monday night.

Fanduel 50-50 or head to head predictions.

Fanduel 50-50 or head to head predictions.

To be honest I do much better in the late games or the Primetime/Monday night games. A whole 13% better last season. This year I feel I have a leg up on most people with my crazy contrarian predictions so I’m still playing the full gamut. That said I always look at the Primetime/Monday games as no brainers. Seems like shooting fish in a barrel if you can break down the matchup to what each offensive or defense will do. Extrapolate the match up problems, look at the statistical player performances, & check out the Vegas player props.

This week we get two games to chose from.
My first pick would of course be the same person I picked as the #1 QB this year, Matt Ryan. Not only do I think he will do well but have an Aaron Rodgers effect on his team. Making everyone down to the 4th WR someone to look at.

For RBs I picked AP for reasons of revenge & the SF d-line is a shambles. Obvious. The next pick also seems obvious after looking at the matchups. Darren Sproles is the matchup that almost no one can handle. He will again get the 3rd down duties as well as a ton of receptions in passing situations.

WRs were a bit harder but when in doubt take the safe options. Julio Jones was an  call. I projected 2tds & 100+yds. The next was Jordan Matthews who is a badass fantasy player. He will be the major outside threat for the Eagles. He will also be under covered as the Falcons will have to shut down the run to win. The last WR is my secret but following the safe rule its easy to figure out.

TE was easy as my breakout TE of the year is available. I think Rudolph will be 1 of 5 players with Gronk numbers this year.

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