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refsI didn’t think the week could get better after Palmer’s Thursday night but it really did. It wasn’t just me winning but the massive dramas. A struggling but winning Bengals already looking to the playoffs lose their All-Pro QB. The rebounding Seahawks win, Wilson is going off, Rawls better than Lynch, but it all collapses now that Rawls is out for the season. The Seahawks look great until they can’t run again which will cause early season numbers for Wilson. Playoffs hopes dashed.

The Jaguars are showing what to expect next year. Add a pass rusher or two & this team is a Super Bowl contender.

Parity & massive injuries to stars is making the end of season & playoff picture as cloudy as a hookers urine.  What this means in fantasy is that the strong is being eaten by the weak. Season long strong men are losing in week 1 playoffs & DFS idiots are cashing.  While this ruins the season long fantasy game it makes the daily game a researchers dream. Counting or estimating touches for replacements, conjuring depth charts, & general football knowledge are rewarded in times of volatility.  I also think some of the lower priced entries will be ripe for the picking. These upcoming weeks will see backup QB’s trying not to screw up & coaches trying to manage the damage. This doesn’t lend well to the high-flying passing scores of mid-season but should dictate where the points will be scored. The RUN. This season & in-particular the last few week scoring has been WR/TE driven. Every week now 2 QBs have 5TD games. TE’s have set scoring records this season & multiple WR’s have moved into the top tier. That was until the tossers all got wrecked.

I predict Week 15 will have some of the highest ownership numbers on the chalk players .  Most DFS players don’t know the deep backups who are now starting on most rosters & will stick to the names that have been scoring all season. These old faithfuls are old (in the season sense) & will have tired legs. When you see a fresh cat-like Rawls breaking ankles & Draughn beating All-pros to the corner you see the fresh legs versus the tired legs. While Adrian Peterson is a good bet for points he won’t have the young guy burst potential. Allen is getting great yards against a full box & he can still run for a 50+ yard TD. The less used legs also have a better chance of staying healthy.

I know this is contrarian but the last few week I’ve been paying down for QBs/RBs & getting huge performances from OBJ, AJ, Robinson & other high-priced pass catchers. This week the low-priced RBs have some crap match-ups or nursing a Q next to their name.

I have to mention my psychic predictions this weekend. I hit on “a qb & rb intimate to me will be hurt….” When I said intimate I meant people close to me. Dalton (my most started QB in my LOR) broke his diddler & Rawls my home team guy broke a wheel.

The second part of my prediction was so close. Of all the teams I picked the right one. I also picked a RB that no one else did! A real limb I placed my skinny tight ass on. I just picked the wrong RB in the backfield. I said Duke but it was Isaiah. Listen, visions aren’t like HDTV you have to intuit some things. I tried & missed by “…” that much.

The last thing I suggest you do while your season long fantasy is winding down is to look at your preseason rankings. If you didn’t make your own look at your favorite analyst’s rankings. See how they did and if they’re worthy of another year of readership. Please read my preseason articles, I beg you. I nailed so many predictions, not just loose ranks but hard predictions.