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Fulfillment_Amari_AJ2016 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers are this year’s draft sure thing. A big group of high scoring over achievers in a pass happy NFL.

Rather than take the approach to wait like we do at other positions with a wealth of riches drafters instaed go WR crazy.

We wait on Tight Ends, Quarterbacks, & Kickers, all because we can get near value from a later pick. We should do it with wide receivers as well I suggest. If you read my draft platform manifesto bomb threat I said go Running Back/ Running Back. The outbreak of points from WR’s makes very few special. While a top RB is levels above the average.

I have mocked a ton of drafts & picking a WR in the first two rounds drastically affected the quality of the middle roster. I found myself constantly playing catchup where a RB/RB draft made me think I was stealing players. Finding guys drop because other teams that went WR were out of sync.

Some of the players I really like are the proposed numbers 2s. Guys like Cobb, Hurns, Fuller, Stills, Shepard & Kearse. People you can get much later in your draft anyway. The production in these guys will be #1 or just sub #1. Even lower cats like Davante Adams, Emmanuel Sanders, Vincent Jackson, & DeSean Jackson will provide safe harbor.

I’m staying away from any Vikings, Rams, & Cardinals. Cards because they have 3 #1 WRs and no real pecking order.

Remember you don’t need to reach for a good WR.