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Only two games this week & both on one day. I liken this to weaning off narcotics. I’m already finding no reason to get up & forgot up my pickup time for playoffs players.

Just not in a good place losing my football.

On the bright side we have one game that should be the Superbowl & one game that is okay. The Panthers/Cardinals match-up is one that I’ve been licking my chops for. I see an over/under of 57 points. Lots of scoring & big plays.  The two best teams in football going at it. The home team undefeated in their house, the away team 7-1 on the road.  Both teams have all their players healthy & match-up well.

I think the opportunity for some easy money in 50/50’s will come from Palmer/ Johnson/ John Brown. Olsens a steal compared to Gronk & should be the main target for Newton.

The Bronco’s are facing a defense that while not ranked as high is statistically not much worse.

The real difference is that Manning can’t move or throw deep. The Pats can scheme a simple defense maybe even a 4-3 to stop the Denver run game. Force Peyton to throw deep to beat them. The Patriots defense I predict to score at least once & win the take aways by 3+. They are cheap too!