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One of the best feelings in Fantasy Football is finding & drafting those sleepers the lazy masses missed on.  It’s like finding a $20 bill in your pocket!

After 3.1 weeks of preseason football we have a pretty good idea of depth charts & how each team will fare. Here are some people I’m targeting with late picks.

Will Fuller is my 5* super big ass Sleeper lock of the year. He will be the starting WR opposite DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins may not be tripled teamed anymore but he will still get doubled or at least a safety rotating over the top. Whatever defenses do to stop him it will open the deep ball for the speediest receiver in the draft class.  Fuller can run a full route tree & has shown to be trusted by Osweiler’s big arm.

Jerome Kearse has gone under the radar this preseason & I can’t figure out why. He was a solid WR last season & had exactly the same amount of targets as Tyler Lockett & four fewer points. Kearse also gets a ton of Red Zone action & has been playing as the #2 all preseason. Lockett is all upside with his speed but if he isn’t playing in two receiver sets his opportunity will be limited. Get some Kearse.

DeSean Jackson was the man a few years ago. Last season he had played injured when he could but missed a bulk of the season. Josh Doctson is still injured & while Jamison Crowder has just returned from an injury. Who else can play the role? Don’t forget that Kirk Cousins likes to throw to DJax & made him a double-digit scorer 4 times during his shortened 2015 season. His consensus ADP is 85. Way to high for a healthy performer. High floor, Decent ceiling. (I feel disrespectful for even calling him a sleeper.)

sleepers you needDelanie Walker is like rain in Seattle. Consistent! Last season he led all tight ends in catches but never got the Touchdowns you’d expect. I think a highly improved offensive line & killer run game will allow Walker some more seam freedom. Last season he was the only threat & always doubled during passing situations. This season they will have the opposing strong safety playing run not cover. He is a must have in PPR & should get 9 tds+.

Brock Osweiler is flat ballin’ out. He looks super comfortable in the Texans scheme & has bonded quickly with his 3 stud WRs. Lamar Miller in the backfield will help keep the defense honest & allow for some killer play action deep balls. Having Hopkins & Fuller will pad your 50+ yard touchdown points as well. Sleepers everywhere in Houston!

Kelvin Benjamin is such a good steal now that you should go to jail for the price you’re paying. He is a red zone freak & his small sample size was outstanding. Sure he’s coming off an injury, but he is a young WR & they statistically do well. He & Cam Newton are connected spiritually! His ADP says he is WR21 & 46 overall. Much lower than it should be for a #1WR on a high scoring offense Superbowl offense.

Be Bold on your sleepers! #DraftOn