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Week 3 tournament Daily Fantasy This week I’ve decided to try Yahoo’s New Daily Fantasy sports site. Mostly because “The Gamer” Brandon Funston is involved with it & he’s probably the most trustworthy guy in all of Fantasy Sports.

While I’m new to it & still figuring things out it seems to be a fun new option in Daily sports. Most your basic sports & a number of new style games not found on FanDuel or DraftKings. The one I really like is the survivor league. One shot (unless you play a sissy league where you get 2 strikes) and you’re out. Again I’m still learning the new games

My line up this week will be capitalizing on matchups & under used players.

I don’t know why but people have no respect for the Cardinal offense when they should. Carson Palmer is lighting the league up (as he did for 6 games last year before injury) & his pass catchers should all be treated as #1’s at their position. As we’ve seen in each week the Cards have had a different person leading the team in catches. John Brown, Jaron Brown, Fitzgerald, Johnson & Johnson, all have been tops. Who does the defense cover? No matter who they try someone else will open to kill them.

My RBs this week was a tough decision that was decided by Chris Ivory’s injury. I really loved & lusted after a healthy Ivory playing a weak Eagles run defense. To be honest I think I like the the Jets O-Line as I expect Ivory’s backup Powell to just as well if Ivory can’t go.

My other back is my super 5 lock sleeper of the week, Isaiah Crowell of the Browns. We know how bad the pass game is as they actually put Manziel on the field. If you’ve read me before you know my feelings on this.  That said, Crowell is the best of the two backs in Cleveland & the back trusted most. He will get all the goal line work & 3 down work as long as it’s not 3rd & long. Also he plays the Raiders which is reason alone to mortgage your house to bet him.

WRs were easy this week. Brandon Marshall has looked great in green & the other good pass catcher on his team has game missing boo boo. Fitzpatrick is a great QB when in the right system & he loves throwing to Marshall.

My next WR is John Brown. He is Palmer’s favorite receiver & after what Fitzgerald did last week I expect him to get the double teams leaving Brown open from some 50+ TDs.

The last diva is the most under rated tier 1 receiver playing, AJ Green.Dalton has been as good as any QB this year. DIg this…… I think Dalton is a great QB, a top 10 guy if not top 5. For one the poor bastard plays for Cincy, that is bad enough. Add to that a consistently injured O-line, backs, & WRs. I’m shocked he hasn’t died waiting for this year. Anyway AJ is a badass & will get you points baby.

My TE is my new favorite this year, Kyle Rudolph. He wasn’t used enough early but both the play caller & QB are looking at & liking him more each week as their other tools fail.

My flex (which I love in Yahoo’s games) is Crockett Gilmore. This cat is getting looks from Flaco & taking full advantage of it. I expect him to start getting 10 looks per game & a couple in the redzone. This guy could single handedly make the Ravens offense work again.

Remember that if you win a jillion & don’t kick back to me my spirit guides will strike you with impotence. Just saying,