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BEst Fanduel sign up codeWhen I play in the big tournaments on Fanduel or the other less spectacular sites I always like to have at least one pick which is pure psychic ability. I break out the crystals, alter my reality, and light the incense. Basically I through out the stats & go with what my higher spirit guides are telling me.

Now I don’t want to get your hopes up but I think I connected with the spirit of Vince Lombardi or a demi-demon named Velcot. Either or, I was given some great advice.

First which will surprise no one is Matt Ryan at QB. All signs including Vegas say this will be a shoot out.

Running Backs
Hill will get a bunch of carries & when they get up big will run out the clock. I expect 21 rushes, 202yrds, 2Tds, 5 receptions for 66yrds 1td.

Woodhead is the best option for a QB with no time to hit targets downfield. He will get mad mismatches & will be the 911 target for a Rivers who has a shitty as hell line.

Julio Jones is the best WR in the best WR offense this week. I’m looking forward to the 3+ TDS he & Ryan will share. I know this isn’t contrarian other than no one picks the #1 in tourneys.

John Brown is the best pass catching WR with over the top speed in the NFL. He can play 3rd down posession, running across the middle or turn a DB’s hips on a post. Most of all he can flat outrun anyone on a flag route. Palmer will throw & Brown will be the recipient of most of those passes.

This last WR was straight from Lombardi after he thanked me for what I added to football.

Leonard Hankerson is this years candidate for Odell Beckham Jr.. He is miles better than caveman candidate Roddy White, who is also injured. Leo is young & can play ball. He is a freak on the field. Fast over the top, strong in the middle & a great alternate target for Redzone Corner tosses. If Julio gets the over/under treatment look for Hankerson to be wide open. You will notice I have 2 WRs from the same team. This is no coincidence. The amount of passes to go around in the offense (this week) will make them both relevant.

Ryan, he will get at least 6 points on PATs and he can hit the 50+  field goals still. A productive offense always helps.

The Buffalo Bills have a great defense. A Defense which will make Luck look unlucky. He will throw 4ints, one for 6pts the other way. The pass rush will be too much for him. The rush will cause mistakes.

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Check back for my head to head & 50/50 picks this week.