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I have waited to the last possible hours to post this. The reason is because I like to give out a full schedule LU but this week I hate the early games so much that I literally played $14, 5x$2 + 4x$1. I have tried but feel that late-Monday games give a much clearer chance for cashing in.
That all said I did make a full LU but I don’t feel as good as I do about my afternoon LU’s.
Most of this early LU has late plays but the one thing that I think is important to note is that Jarvis Landry is a must play this week. The Dolphins have new mojo & Landry has been about 20% of the whole offense. His touches are like DeAndre Hopkins & Ryan Tannehill looks a ton better than Hoyer. Add to that the 20 rushes Miller will get & a balanced healthy pass game will make Landry flourish. Add Freeman as a hedge against everyone else and you’re there.
week7 Full LUNope No Todd Gurley. Why you ask, two fold? One, everyone is playing him. EVERYONE. So if you like him that is great but I projected 13 Fanduel points from him. So do I play a guy I think won’t do as well as a hedge? Hell no, not both your RBs. Play to win not tie.
Second reason is I like Lamar Miller better. I expect the Fins to keep the smash mouth game going with Miller & the Texans have given up 5 rushing td’s to lesser backs.

Now where I feel very confident is my late LUs.
week7 Late LU FanDuel

Weeks now Carson Palmer & Bruce Arians have proven their worth in Daily Fantasy Football. I wanted to add a WR for the double points but I’m not sure who will get the most points. My fear is Palmer will be like Oprah, “You get a TD, You get a TD, & you Floyd get a TD, Fells I didn’t forget you, Hey CJ2k You get a TD too.” Given that I don’t like anyone of them to have a big day I went elsewhere.

WR- My favorite play of the day is Stevie Johnson coming back from a boo boo & Keenan Allen, Antonio Gates both hurting he looks like a sure thing.
Odell Beckham Jr. is still money & although I feel Palmer will out perform Eli this week it won’t be by much. OBJ (NOT OBD) will have 10+ receptions which for him is a guarantee of production.
The last is no surprise to people playing the floor/ceiling game is Amari Cooper. Carr is legit and can not only get the ball to him often but deep. The deep ball is what I’m counting on today. Why you ask?

RB- Good question. The answer is a healthy dose of Latavias Murray.  Murray is in a darby game & the SD run defense plays on roller skates. I like him to get 15+ rushes & 6+ catches. Again a 50+ run or catch is likely in my fantasy world.
Demarco Murray is the safest play of the week in all DFS. Chip Kelly now realizes that his job revolves around Murray getting 20+ runs a game. Look at the last two games numbers. Kelly has seen the light & will be giving the rock to Murray all day, or at least until he breaks.

TE- Money is the color of Ladarius Green. I had a friend tell me how Gates is moving & its not good. If he plays he may not be serviceable as anything other than double decoy. If that happens Gates will get some balls when it counts. Same reason I started Stevie Johnson is why I’m going Green & recycling this pick.  cool pun huh?

Kicker- Cantazaro looks good again. 5 extra points & 2 FG’s will make a nice day.

Defense- Staying with the Cardinals, I’m taking their defense as well. They have the best big play defense in the late games & should be able to grab a Philip Rivers pick or two.