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Last week we won 65% in the main games & 90% in late & Primetime. Five weeks of being consistently better at the late/prime slate has motivated me to switch my plays. 80% of my 50/50 & Head to Head will go to the late games when I like them. Hard to argue with the numbers. I’m still shooting around 70% for the season in main cash games.

This week I have ranked Eli Manning my QB#1. The match up looks to be a shootout. Eli is throwing completions at a high rate & his receivers are flourishing. (As a sneaky cash play if you need the room Randle could go off.) Eli has been finding the “no sophomore slump”  or “Madden Jinx” OBJ. Eli has also been finding 6 other targets consistently. One reason I don’t like OBJ in this matchup. I think Vereen, Donnell, Randle, & Harris will get more balls as the Eagles clamp down on Beckham.
Others QB’s to consider in Cash is the always high floor of Carson Palmer & the for real Andy Dalton. (Both I ranked top 4 preseason.) Brady seems to expensive comparatively, & Newton looks to give up points against Seattle.

My RB’s are a mess for two reasons. I love the Patriot backfield in this game but with Lewis’ injury I’m waiting to see which way to go. I also love Blount if Lewis can’t go.
My other back who is maybe injured is Forsett. I like him alot but again he has boo boos. If he can’t go I will have no issues using Woodhead for a huge savings. Pick one Patriot & Forsett or Woody.

At WR I feel really good about my picks both statistically & psychically.  Four players stand out as great safe plays.
First is Hopkins getting the ball thrown to him more times than most starting RBs get rushes. A bad day for the Texans means big production for Hopkins.
Fitzgerald at Pittsburgh is like a Rocky fight in my eyes. Old school D versus new fangled offense with OG WR.
I’ve watched all the games this year & it’s not like he is super open. Palmer just trusts he will be in that spot in a few seconds. Maybe 2 guys over & under but he will be in that spot. Trust like that means lots of balls for Fitzy.
Robinson is as for real as Bortles seems to be. I kept waiting for these guys to come back to earth but numbers don’t lie. In a sloppy match-up I think Robinson will get some big numbers.

My TE nearly every week will be whoever plays my beloved Seahawks. This week I’ve doubled down on Olsen because he is such a badass. The Seahawks give TD’s to TE’s. If a TE played the Hawks every week they would get a yellow jacket in two years. Bad meets awesome.

Now to bounce back to the Seahawks & Hauschka at Kicker. Russell Wilson & the crap o-line have struggled until Rawls. Now Lynch is back so expect more struggles. The Kicker will be called on for a couple long kicks.

For defense I’m picking the Vikings who are cheap for the points they could produce. I think a Charlesless KC will make it very easy to defend the Cheif’s offense.
Have a great weekend!