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Tweek5 starters sleeperso start I want to apologize. I got a new laptop (MSI GS60, very cool) & it reset my client settings. Each post I made this week went to a local folder not online. to make up for this I’m giving you my 3rd superstar sleeper of the Year. My first was Hankerson, then Marvin Jones, now you NEED to get Antonio Andrews. He is a 2nd year RB in the Titans RB hell. Two weeks ago he got 12 rushes & 1 reception. He got 61 total yards & a TD. More than that he looked good in a committee of turds. McCluster looks spent after 1 game & Sankey is just too slow to bust a large run scoring big fantasy points. Andrews is also a good bet to get goal line touches as he is a load. If he starts to do well this whole committee crap will go away & you have yourself a starting QB on a decent young team. Mariota has been surprising successful as a rookie in both passing & running which should help free up some running room for our RB.

At QB I have a toss up between Brady & Palmer. I’m leaning Brady as he is playing with the Fuck You fire burning in his stomach. NOt just deflate gate but add the recent comments by Hardy (DE of Cowboys) about his wife & you have a reciepe for a massacre not seen by Texas since the Alamo. Like in Red Dawn of the 1980’s.
Pilot: “All that hate is going to burn you up.”
Howell: “It keeps me warm.”
Right now Brady is very warm. He has the ability & wants to put up 50 points each game.  This game maybe 70.

Palmer looks very good going into his game. My only concern is that his coach isn’t as much of an asshole as Belichick & will start to run after a 28 point lead. I have a psychic feeling though that Staford will come out like he is Kurt Warner & have a good game. This could be a huge track meet game. My over under if this happens is 71.

At RB I like Bell in a QBless offense. Vick is licky he hasn’t crumbled. If coaching knows this they will run the crap out of the ball. Anytime Vick throws its a liability. My other big start is Blount. He carried the load the last part of the game & should be in line for a TD or 2.
Also consider Woodhead, Andrews, Addullah, Gurley.

WR’s this week is tough because all the big names have great match-ups. This is when going with a few #2’s pays off. That said OBJ is playing angry & going against a JV squad.

I love Hankerson again. Julio gets a bump, man on, & safety over the top. Thats 2-3 players focused not on Hankerson. Has worked before & I think this week the mid routes that Jones kills on won’t be there.

John Brown has been a fantasy let down but I think this week is the week Arians gets him back in the game. Defenses are starting to rotate the safety away from him towards Fitz. I expect this week Brown to have at least 2 TDs with one if not both on 50+ receptions. Speed kills & Palmer loves to go deep.

Edelman is a no brainer. Someone has to catch a ball other than Gronk who I expect to have a subpar day. For Brady to score 70 , Edelman has to get 40.

Also playing Robinson, Wright

At TE I really like Clay. He is for real and I think today he will be used as a match up killer.  Expect him going against slow LB’s & “The” red zone target.
I also love Eifert even though he drops TDs. The Seahawks are notoriously bad against TEs and “sinner go to hell” bad against great TEs.
Also playing Donnell.

Kicker is a bore to me but this week two names stand out. Gotkowski should get 5-7 points in just extra points. That’s a good start. The other is the always sneaky Catanzaro.

Defense seems like the easiest pick in the world. Bengals are going against an offensive line that is built of worn out guys & D-tackles converted to O-line. These guys are low talent & have no experience. Its half transition & half salary cap. Regardless an undrafted free agent is starting at RB & other than Graham the Seahawks have NO pass game. The only reason Russell Wilson has any passing numbers is because he scrambles so well. The set passes haven’t worked, only the school yard crap. 5 tds in 4 games against bad teams is not good. Also for a running team they have ZERO running TDs.