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Week 3 is my favorite week. This is the time when you can see who is who & the pre-season hype is disregarded. Your first round draft pick is either a hero or a zero. “He is who the scoreboard says he is.” As a great man once said.

Sure there are those teams that stunk early but expect to turn it around but we now know their character. We know if they are a run team or pass heavy, RB by committee or Bellcow, & whether that back is a 3rd down only or three down back. Basicly your Daily fantasy season should get easier.

This week I went with the best QB with the lowest floor & highest ceiling as well as best match up. Carson Palmer is the man! He is a seasoned QB who doesn’t make many mistakes. He is smart & can still sling the ball like a kid. He has great matchup against a 49ers defense that is still looking for an identity. While they have been good against the run I think that Arians passing game will be too much for an inexperienced squad.  Since we’re here with the Cards I will throw in my John Brown pick as well. Brown got to be the decoy last week allowing Fitzgerald a career day. This week I expect the Niners to be playing Fitz tighter which will bust Brown open deep. The free safety can’t play both sides.

My running backs this week are both not anyone you’d expect. I think Jeremy Hill will have a bounce back week. He looked pissed off sitting the bench this last week & that usually turns into a huge week for a young angry back. I also like the matchup against a Baltimore defense that will have to defend the pass more than then run. If they do try a heavy box you can expect AJ Green (also on my team this week) to have a HUGE week. Either way I think the game will be a blowout for Cincy & Hill will get tons of runs to kill the clock.

My other back this week is based on the match up. Isaiah Crowell had a good game last week showing he is still the better back in Cleveland. Knowing how heavy the pass/run ratio will be I expect 16-20 carries for Crowell which will be 100yds & 2tds.  I think they will be exploiting the Raiders defense on the ground more than anyone this season. I will also be playing Crowell in my tourney games as he is just ready to pop. No West in town to bother him & Johnson is just not performing as hoped.

My TE this week is Gronk. Normally I don’t like to go with him but this week I like the matchup against the Jags. I expect the Jags to play a heavy box & force Brady to throw. Remember the Jags head coach is the Seahawk’s Legion of Boom architect. He will try to stop Blount & Lewis & play a man under, safety over Gronk. This has been tried before & Gronk goes to town on the seams. Edelman is also a good start this week if you don’t want Gronk. Remember Gronk is the best deal in DFS. His price is that of a WR2 yet his floor/ceiling is equal to Antonio Brown without the $9300 (highest price on FanDuel) price tag. If you don’t pay for Gronk this week in H2H you will be missing big points from your TE & losing quality in your other positions. Gronkowski is a deal, period.

My WRs this week are John Brown, AJ Green (both explained earlier) & Ruben Randle.  Cruz is still out, Parker is cut & OBJ is getting sextuple teamed. This leaves Randle & Donnell as the best receiving options for Eli. I like the matchup as well against a Washington defense that is in shambles.

For my defense I wanted the Seahawks beating up a lost Bears offense but couldn’t afford them & Bryant. So I went with the Houston Texans victimizing a rookie QB without his favorite target. I predict pain!

I hope this helps, a few others I like this week.

Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor.

James Starks, Frank Gore

Hankerson, Beasley, B Marshall

Rudolph, Reed

Best of luck with my best daily fantasy lineup. The last two weeks my posted lineups have won me 73% of my games. This week I improve my percentage.