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Fulfillment_Amari_AJWide receivers (as I have said in every post) are the fantasy gold that you must mine & claim.  This year getting a top WR is even more imperative.  You don’t have to use a high pick to get some of my higher ranked guys but if you want a stud you have to spend for him. (continued below)

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My first pick is Julio Jones. I think this is the year Matt Ryan places himself atop the QB leader boards. Last year Ryan threw for 628 times and had no run game to loosen up the pass D. This season the Falcons have a better run game, a better line than advertised, & new WR’s that will allow Julio some extra space later in the season.

I have A.J Green at my #2. The Bengals have a offensive squad from hell this year. Hill, Bernard, Green, Jones, Dalton. I have ranked each of these ballers higher than every other analyst. These guys have everything to be the most productive offense in the NFL. Including my deep league sleeper Marvin Jones.

I love OBJ. He is an un-natural talent that I liken to an Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, or Barry Sanders. No matter who he faces he will win. The only drawback is we have a small sample size. Eli was much better last year & Cruz is coming back soon. I expect the Giants to throw the crap out of the ball this year.

I hate putting Dez anywhere but number 1. He is the new Calvin Johnson. I think (like last year) the Cowboys will struggle offensively & switch their game plan at game 3 or 4. Last year they went pass to run, this season they will fail at the run & go pass. I’m predicting Dez, Williams, & Beasley to all get more looks this year.

Cofusion_SandersAt #7 I have Antonio Brown. I just don’t see Ben throwing 12TDs in two games which means Brown won’t have the same numbers. Not having a solid #2 WR or stud RB for the first four games will cause some problems at the minimum. They won’t get their groove until mid-season. Last year the Steelers had crazy outlier numbers that won’t happen again.

Probably the biggest shockers are my 5-15 picks. Young guys like Adams, Hilton, John Brown, Matthews, & Landry are the guys I’m expecting to have breakout years.

Remember the previous years top passing teams have issues, moving to a running game,  or least a balanced attack. This is the year where it all changes, be prepared to make bold moves.