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a toy car that wont get me sued by nascar.My wife said I have to get a real job if I’m not generating money on Daily NFL. Seeing that the season is over I have to pivot.

I started playing NASCAR fantasy years ago when it was only season long. I must say that this is the easiest transition from season to daily in any sport. The questions that need to be answered are all the same.

-Track length?
-Restrictor plate?
-Who makes the drivers engine?
-Past driver success on track length?
-Past team success on track length?
-Do they have front running partners in drifting races?

The Sprint Unlimited is about teamwork both within the pits, racing teams, & tech partnerships. To this end I have stacked drivers from previous plate races that play well with each other.

Now that I said all that, it could all be BS as the new aero package could make it a turkey shoot. I have weighed my picks to include teams that had more testing in the new design. Big teams normally do well after a big change. Less down-force (or ability to not wreck at fast speeds) will make the dirt track guys quickest to pick up any big changes as driving on the edge is what they are used to. The pavement go-kart kids will be slower to feel comfortable at the edge.


$9900 Dale Jr. & $8300 Truex Jr were homies back in the DEI days & still will help each other to the front.

$9000 Matt Kenseth & $8300 Kurt  Busch have scratched each others backs until punt time in many races.

My last two picks were less expensive teams that I expect to surprise. $7300 Almirola & Allmendinger. These two will hedge against a front running “big one” taking out the higher picks.

I’m also playing a second strategy, go heavy on Joe Gibbs Racing drivers. Hamiln, Kyle Busch, Edwards, & Kenseth.

I recommend everyone play tonight’s race as a hobby. No big bets. This new package & Sprint format is not like a race. Use it as a guide. Who has tire issues or blowing engines? Who doesn’t have drifting partners? Which team can gain spots in the pits?

Use tonight to gauge where you want to place your bets tomorrow. Today is just preseason.