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Last week I lost money overall but again won most of my 50/50 late/primetime games.
I think the smaller slate of games makes for less chance of an anomaly (losers breaking out.) If you know your football & check your stats you will find #DFS nirvana in the late slates.
Week8 LateLUIf I have one weak spot… I know its obvious….. Fitz. I do expect Ivy League to toss 2 ints I still expect him to throw 3tds & 250yds. For the price, 2tds , 140yds would be enough for the price.

Decker is hurt so watch his status. Thomas seems like a safe play & was the last player picked. I had the money & gets an above average amount of opportunities & short routes that allow the O-lineman to get some downfield blocks.

Whitten is a little chancy for a TD normally but this is the Seahawks & Cassel loves Whitten as a target. If he goes off he will explode with points!

Most of my money is in the late games.