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Last night I had a vision. A vision of Brown bulldozer running over a whole D-line at once. Squishing them out the sides like jam. After that I saw the dozer’s license plate said 34. Knowing my psychic ability can be misleading I followed up with some good old-fashioned tape watching.

After watching the “All 22” view of both the Raiders & Browns games I have uncovered what I think will be the best running back performance of the week, maybe year. (Yes I’m putting my balls in the nutcracker for no reason other than to help you, my dear friends.) I expect Crowell to get 166 yards on 22 carries with 2 TDs. 1 catch for 8 yards.

I expect the Browns to try a balanced attack but like every week for 38 years, they will fail & have to stick with the run. Seeing that Crowell is the better runner & has a better fumble record he should be able to take 70% of the rushes while Duke (love that name) will be a 3rd down & matchup specialist like Sproles or Bush.

I really like that Crowell has been getting all the goal line rushes & with Manziel sitting we won’t have any QBs stealing TDs.

I also expect Oakland’s defense to be as lousy as usual giving the Browns an early lead. This will keep the Cleveland’s O on the ground killing the clock. The last thing I expect is any risks taken by the offense. The QB will be a game manager & passes will be a last resort unless they’re down.

If you do well I expect a tip! (sorry no picture)